Shhh…! — How to Respond when Colleague Puts Their Hand Up to Stop You Talking in a Meeting

Have you been in a meeting when someone interrupted or stopped you talking by putting their hand up towards you / your face?

Did you feel so shocked, you stopped talking and let them take over?

Did you beat yourself up later for letting them do this and not standing your ground?

What can you do when this happens to you?

1. Carry on talking — even if you are startled, immediately say “AND” and keep talking.

2. Carry on talking AND state the obvious: “I haven’t finished” or “I know you want to contribute John and I will give you the floor in a minute, what I was saying was…”

3. Speak to your colleague as soon as you can after the meeting (up to a month) in private and tell them:

Have you ever been in a situation like this? How did it feel? What did you do about it?



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